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Posted by Thryn on March 17th, 2009 filed in Aid, Cross Culture, Teaching

Duck, Duck, Goose by Kevin Meadows in Namibia
Duck, Duck, Goose by Kevin Meadows in Namibia

One of my best friends, fellow adventuring volunteer teacher, one of the “best men” at our wedding, and more importantly a stand-up photographer, Kevin has entered the awesome photography competition “Name Your Dream Assignment” in which photographers submit their ideas for a dream assignment, and the winner receives $50,000 to shoot their idea. I seriously love the idea he submitted and it’s not just because we’re friends:


Schools are where people learn to read and write but also where cultures pass on values to their children. I will photograph how schools reflect our common experiences as people and the gaps they reflect between us in our global society.

Each day, billions of children go to school. For many it is a right of passage that is merely endured. For others, the weight of families and communities are on their shoulders as they desperately try create a new future for their families. Some schools give their students access to the latest cutting edge technology. Other schools are not more than a shady spot under a tree where students write in the dirt. Despite the wide disparity of resources and educational value some things are common through out. There are children, teachers, and dreams of the future. By photographing schools worldwide I hope to to show what is a common experience among billions of us as well as what is unimaginable to so many.

Kevin has taught in Maryland, Namibia, and most recently, Costa Rica. I think the perspective he could potentially bring to a wide audience through photographing schools around the world–from schools in the developed world, to perhaps the school in our little town in Cameroon–is important and essential in so many ways. I really feel this is a story that should be told, and anyone who has seen his photographs knows that Kevin will certainly tell it well. Between now and April 3rd, the public will vote on all of the submitted ideas. The top 20 will then be judged by an “expert panel.” If you have a moment, please vote for Kevin’s idea by following this link, and help him win! (Note: you must register with the website to vote, but it’s a small price to pay for helping him realize this dream assignment. To read more about Kevin and see some of his online photo galleries, visit his website.

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