Cakes and Ice Cream!

Posted by Thryn on January 25th, 2010 filed in Cross Culture, Eating, Living, Post

Relindis next to her lovely cakes and ice cream sign

Bamenda is really becoming a developed city. You know how I know? A cake and ice cream store opened up in our quartier! The maker of the cakes, Relindis is my new best friend. The first day she was open, she just had a few small cakes in her little glass case and a newly painted sign hanging from the awning outside. So I bought one of the cakes and chatted with her a bit. A week later she got electricity in her shop and brought in a soft-serve ice cream machine and a popcorn machine! There’s decent soft-serve in Bamenda, but hers is by far the best I’ve had anywhere, light and creamy with a hint of lemon flavor.

Now she’s making more varieties of cakes, sometimes with colored frosting in pretty designs, and she can make custom cakes for any special occasion. She told me that she’s working at the cake shop for a year while she saves money to go back to school. Her family wanted her to move to the village after her father died, but she wanted to pursue her education in fine arts, so she is in Bamenda on her own. I pass by her shop just about every day, so I usually stop in and chat and of course, have an ice cream cone for 100 CFA (about 20 cents).

On an unrelated note, I’m going to Nigeria tomorrow with another volunteer, then to Benin to visit a PCV we met in DC before leaving for Cameroon. With any luck we’ll get cast in a Nigerian film while we’re there.

After I left for Nigeria, the Bamenda city council removed all shipping containers from the city. The cakes and ice cream shop was one of the many small shops that was in a shipping container, so her store was removed! She has temporarily set up on the porch of an abandoned half-constructed building next door. She says they are preparing a new building that she will be able to move into soon. For now, she’s making do with the space she has.

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  1. Mom Says:
    January 26th, 2010 at 4:11 am

    Cake and ice cream make everything better!

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