Mini Linus?

Posted by Thryn on April 19th, 2010 filed in Living, Post

A tiny surprise showed up on our front porch a few nights ago. We think she looks just like Linus and have concluded that she must be his offspring. Before we got him fixed, he was going out at night and surely impregnating the neighbor’s cats. I couldn’t get a great picture of her because kittens don’t sit still, but what do you think? Father-daughter resemblance?

Linus and his daughter

He didn’t take too well to fatherhood. Another volunteer who was here wanted to take her home, but the kitten had to stay here for the weekend. Linus was not pleased. He growled and hissed at the tiny kitten and spent most of the weekend hiding and pouting in a box on top of my closet. Now the kitten has gone home with her new mom and Linus has come down from his box, reclaimed his territory, and asserted his dominance by leaving a decapitated mouse in the kitchen doorway for me. I don’t think he’ll be getting a father’s day card.

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