Art Club–Camerounais

Posted by Gabe on August 30th, 2008 filed in Model School, Training

Art Club

During Model School, us PCTs were able to organize after school clubs which took place every Wednesday. Thryn and I, along with one other trainee, headed an art club. We were very pleased with the outcome. The students were all very motivated. We did activities like Exquisite Corpse and had them design and create two large multimedia landscapes with local materials such as bark, leaves, and pagne (traditional fabric) that they collected. Also, I was very pleased that we were actually able to give lessons in human proportion, shading, perspective and how to make a caricature (some of my lesson examples are pictured in the photo) all in French. I have some hope that an art club might work here at post. I think it would be very good for the students to have a creative outlet because programs for art or music are rare here in Cameroonian schools. We’ll see!

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